Transportation Basics: Trailer Maintenance & Repair

Canada is tough on roads and those Canadian roads are tough on trucks and trailers. Big rigs take a pounding as they move goods and supplies across the continent, and the province of Quebec is right in the middle of the action. Montreal has the world’s largest inland port, handling millions of tons of cargo every year through a vast inter-modal transportation system that relies heavily on the nation’s trucking industry. It is vital to the Canadian economy that the freight travels safely and efficiently, making trailer maintenance and trailer repair key elements in ensuring an uninterrupted flow of commercial traffic.

Under the auspices of the SAAQ ( Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec), the crown corporation entrusted with Quebec’s vehicle insurance and road safety programs, strict SAAQ safety inspection guidelines have been adopted regarding trailer maintenance and repair. Trained personnel working in accredited service centers see to it that schedules of trailer maintenance have been adhered to, and they will assure that any needed trailer repair is attended to in a timely manner. In addition to trained professional mechanics, sophisticated diagnostic technology is utilized at qualified service centers, and this comprehensive approach reflects increasing public emphasis on highway safety. Achieving uniformity in standards is a liquid process, one that changes frequently, and only accredited shops are equipped to keep up with new developments. Trailer repair isn’t just knuckle-busting and wrench-tightening. Minute computer adjustments are necessary to help calibrate the trailer balance that saves on tire and brake wear, and which guards against dangerous and costly load-shifting. Mechanical, exhaust and braking functions must be tested periodically, and competent technicians who have received the proper training are the best choices to do the work.

Trailer maintenance and trailer repair are best left to the pros. T.M.S. Truck Masters, with four conveniently located truck center in the Montreal-Quebec corridor, are geared to all trucking and recreational vehicle needs, and the highly-trained staff is motivated to uphold rigorous professional standards.