Key for the Highway: Heavy Truck Repair

“That funny sound” isn’t funny at all when it comes from the engine compartment of a big rig. In a trucking world where money and time are tightly intertwined, down-time for a truck translates to deadlines being missed and money going down-the-drain. Commercial truck repair, fortunately, has advanced in recent years, with better diagnostic equipment enabling skilled technicians and mechanics to make fixes swiftly, and get the trucks back out on the road. In case of emergency, we provide a heavy truck towing service in Montreal and Quebec areas, and we offer a full truck tire service.

In Montreal, heavy truck repair is important business, because the area is so deeply invested in modern logistics. As a continental transportation hub, the Montreal-Quebec corridor is a key player for goods, supplies and merchandise arriving from and departing to all points on the globe. TMS Truckmasters services big rigs and performs commercial truck repair up-and-down the corridor, saving truckers time and money by working well and by working quickly. Technology has provided the tools that allow today’s mechanics to fine-tune truck repair in a way that far surpasses the results of old-school “by-ear” diagnosis, and these minute adjustments are realized at the fuel pump, where losses and gains are measured by-the-gallon.

Early in the 21st century, the heavy truck repair industry has seen growth, since it is generally more economical to fix-and-repair a truck than it is to replace one entirely. Truckers are getting squeezed from all sides, by pay rates that don’t match climbing costs, and by new regulations involving fuels, emissions and monitoring equipment. Older trucks may not be subject to some of the newer strictures, but that’s only good news when a rig can be kept rolling. Fleet owners and drivers know that competent commercial truck repair can mean thousands of extra road miles, and that this added vehicle lifespan can mean the difference between profit and loss. “Vintage” trucks may not have all the bells and whistles of the latest production models, but, if they can do the job, and do it safely, the old dinosaurs will roam the earth for years to come.

With three Montreal area locations, and one near Quebec, TMS Truckmasters offers easy on/off highway access, and superbly trained staff are ready, willing and able to meet all heavy truck repair situations and get those big rigs moving.