Quebec’s heavy trucks

  For a healthy trucking industry, heavy truck repair and heavy truck maintenance must be carried out by experienced and skilled people. At T.M.S. Truck Masters, you will find experienced and skilled mechanics working everyday to give you the best service in heavy truck maintenance and trailer repair in Quebec.  

Heavy truck repair and maintenance

  Expertise is needed because heavy truck maintenance differs greatly from that of smaller vehicles. Our certified mechanics offer a complete range of heavy truck repair services including chassis, transmission and axle repair. They are also proficient in steering columns, suspension, brakes, air bags, air conditioning, cooling, electrical and exhaust systems. True heavy truck maintenance requires knowledge of all these elements in order to provide you with real professional service. Furthermore, we stock a large number of parts needed for any heavy truck repair so you can safely and quickly be back on the road. Our service center is located in L’Ancienne-Lorette. T.M.S. offers superior quality heavy truck repair for Quebec combined with high end tools and trained mechanics able to complete any heavy truck maintenance and repair needed.